Banks need us, too.

Most people know Priority Payments NW as a retail merchant service provider, and it's true, working with small business is a large part of what we do. 

As our expertise has grown, we have created relationships in the financial industry that are useful to banking entities, as well.

Community banks are now partnering with Priority Payments NW to promote faster business growth and higher profits.

What is a community bank?

Most entities that handle deposit solutions need a payment provider like PPNW to facilitate those transactions. While small banks and credit unions fall into this category, there are also other entities that perform similar functions. 

Schools and Universities

  • Accept credit cards for tuition payments
  • Online tracking of payments by students
  • Web integration support 


  • Encourage donations by offering POS solutions
  • Donor management software to improve bookkeeping and communication
  • Revenue sharing through Project Give Back

Medical Banking

  • Payment portals with remittance processing at the point of care
  • Payment plans offered easily to patients
  • Automated remittance procesing 

Community Banks

  • P Card issuer rebates
  • Emerging market interchange rates (for qualified merchants)
  • Next day funding for Visa, MasterCard, and American Express (for eligible merchants) 

We're excited about being able to offer our services to larger financial organizations that help improve our community. Please contact us if you know someone we should speak with.