How can your business take Apple Pay?

When Apple announced its latest iPhone 6 on September 9, it also revealed the Apple Pay service available with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It can be accessed by any business easily with very little additional expense. It will avail Visa Token Service and other relevant solutions formed by American Express and Master Card. This new in-app payment method is expected to become a huge success because of its reliability and secure user experience.

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is basically a mobile payment service provided so far just on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and Apple watches. This service can be utilized to pay various kinds of bills using your mobile device. It will eliminate the need to search your wallet  for money or a credit/debit card. You just need to feed your credit/debit card number once in the Apple Pay account and then enjoy your shopping by making payments on a single tab. 
For using Apple Pay, you must have an account which will sync with your Apple Pay and will give you liberty to use your iPhone 6 for making payments at supported stores or merchants. As reported by Apple, more than 220,000 merchants in the USA are already supporting Apple Pay.

The advanced Visa Token Service used in Apple Pay changes the sensitive information of user’s credit cards like credit card number by a code or token, while making a payment. This remarkable feature will secure mobile payments via Apple Pay and allow iPhone users to use it freely wherever they want. 

Benefits of Apple Pay:

1.    Apple Pay provides you a more secure mobile payment service than other services by its tokenized payment method. The retailer will only receive a code generated by Apple Pay instead of your credit card number. Even if your iPhone is stolen or lost, your Apple Pay account is secure because Apple provides you ‘Find My iPhone’ service which will help you making your iPhone data inaccessible by putting your device on Lost Mode. You can also erase your iPhone data using this service.
2.    By advertising that you take Apple Pay, you will increase your visibility to Apple iPhone users especially  those who plan to purchase an iPhone 6.
3.    It saves you time by allowing you to pay bills all from one place. There is no more need to find a credit card in your wallet to make a payment (or potentially lose your card). If you have an Apple watch, then your payment will become even faster because you will not even have to take your iPhone out of your pocket. 
4.    Apple Pay is linked with which will give retailers detailed reporting of all mobile, in-app and other business transactions. 
5.    The in-app feature included in Apple Pay allows you to make payments for stuff you purchased through any iPhone online shopping app. 
6.    The setup of Apple Pay is simple and easy. You just need to enter your credit card or debit card security code in the Passbook. It will save your code and give you a convenient way of paying bills. You can also add more than one credit card on Passbook and switch them whenever you want.

It seems that Authorize.Net and Apple Pay are working together to bring customers on board quickly, which Google failed to do with its mobile payment solutions. As Authorize.Net has been a reliable source for online payments for years, introducing Visa Token Service is also an appreciative step. These two important features make Apple Pay the most secure and trustworthy way of making payments via iPhone 6 and iPhone watches. 

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