Swiftly Paid reviews the new Clover POS

Clover POS System

POS (Point of Sale) is a system through which a wholesale transaction is carried out. Usually in restaurants, super markets and retail shops different kinds of terminals, cash machines, cash registers and POS can be seen commonly but none of them can serve you for all the required transactions of the shop at one place. Clover POS system is an all-in one machine which can replace all your cash registers, old POS and other payment or transactional systems by a single station. It gives you many functions like reading bar codes, processing payments, offering loyalty programs, tracking employees on and off shift, etc. It is an easy-to-comprehend software with an elegantly design hardware case very similar to Square. 

Clover POS System Design


The design and hardware of Clover POS system is something that grabs everyone’s attention instantly. Just like its remarkable design, it is also integrated with spectacular software to control the whole machine. One great point about this software is that it is linked with cloud computing system; that means you can access your retailing details from anywhere in the world and keep the track of all your work efficiently. Also, if your system goes down for any reason, they'll send you out a new one with all your backed up data ready to go. 

You can check any of your reports remotely like your current sales, revenues, orders etc. on your PC smartphone, or any other device; all you need is an internet connection to log into your POS from anywhere. 

Clover App Market

Another speciality of Clover POS software is that it allows you to access the Clover app store and download any suitable app relevant to your work. There is a vast range of apps available in the Clover app market (more than what Square offers) that can help you in managing your work efficiently and make your life easier. The most trendy apps that you can find in the Clover app market include: Homebase, Commerce Sync, Gyft, and Perka.

One of the most commonly used Clover POS app is Perka. Perka is mainly a smartphone based application that can be used for ordering. For instance if a customer wants to buy something in your shop, the customer can check-in using the free Perka app which will display the customer’s name and activity on the tablet of Clover POS system or any other device linked with the system. Then the merchant can track all purchases by that customer and offer rewards without the normal hassle of a loyalty card. There are many other handy apps built into the POS itself.

Clover POS System Functions

Some of the useful functions that you will find preinstalled in your Clover POS system are: Take orders and payment, manage employees for your store, create and view your menu and make changes in it, run key reports. All these preinstalled programs are specifically designed to help you manage your business and reduce your work load. 

Clover POS Station 

Clover POS station comes with an 11.6” touch screen device, Bluetooth, ethernet, secure Android OS, bar code scanner, card reader, cash drawer, and an advanced printer. All these features together give you an ultimate package to control your business efficiently and successfully. Furthermore, Clover allows you use its offline mode for conducting transactions and accepting payment cards even when your internet is not working for some reason. This feature aids you in continuing your business effectively and keeps your customers happy and satisfied with your service. 

Security with Clover POS System 

With Clover, your business and your customer sensitive information remains safe with a highly secure encryption system. So, your customers can deal with you without any hesitation or trouble. 

Link with First Data

Clover POS is also associated with the world largest credit card processing service called First Data. This merging of Clover and First Data took place in 2013. It is considered to be an important step as First Data has millions of customers and its card transactions earn it revenues of about one trillion dollars each year.  In this way, Clover has gained many users fast.

Clover POS is best for small businesses that earn about $100,000 to $10 million annually like small restaurants, retailer shops, etc., but anyone can use it. Using Clover to pay your bills will require you to have a merchant account. First Data is an official partner of Clover in this regard. If you already have a merchant account with another company  call us today to find out if it is compatible with Clover or not, as not every account works with Clover.

If you don’t have a merchant account yet, then you can get the one by contacting us and take advantage of this exciting new system made specifically for small businesses.

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Matthew Koren is the President of Swiftly Paid, a credit card processing and payroll service provider located in Portland, OR. He runs his company, as well as partnering with a consulting practice taking businesses to market in China. You can contact him by filling out the Contact Us page, or by calling 866-402-1485, ext 750.