Card processing Rates are better than Quickbooks' with InstantAccept

Business and trade industries have been in serious need of a powerful and smart payment processing, giving them the ability to streamline credit card transactions while keeping their QuickBooks file updated. InstantAccept is such a new plug-in that provides suppleness and ease. It is simply a point of sale system for QuickBooks.

With InstantAccept you have access to whole client transaction records from anywhere, anytime, without even needing to launch QuickBooks—all you need to have is an internet connection. This liberates you from using a single computer with QuickBooks installed. You can easily assign payments to any client, customer, or invoice without opening your file.

While it provides ease of transactions and recording, it also helps keep QuickBooks from any remote location.

Unlike other systems of point of sale, InstantAccept has exclusive and extraordinary payment method support system. It has ability to support different payment options including online payment, personal payment, phone payment, etc. It offers an individual single user program that can process any sort of transaction through any device including Smart phones, tablets, desktops and laptops.

The diversified payment options of InstantAccept are elaborated below.

  • Check: InstantAccept can easily support payment via Check 21, WEB, ACH, POP, ARC, TEL PPD, ICL, and CCD
  • Cash: Payment through cash in person can also be accessed via InstantAccept
  • Debit/ATM Card: Any PIN and PIN less debit card including Visa, Discover, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diner etc are supported.
  • Credit Card: Different credit cards are also supported
  • Electronic Check Conversion
  • Card not present
  • ACH

Whether you have internet access on your tablet, desktop, mobile or laptop, your Instant Accept interface can accept payment via any of the above mentioned type from any location.

With all these benefits, InstantAccept can also be considered the flawless integration of QuickBooks. With the single click of a button, it has the ability to accept as well as record payments and transactions. Merchants can use InstantAccept to extend their business with its simple and easy features and can accept their payments through diversified modes at multiple places. It helps the businesses and owners to relieve their headache of bookkeeping.

The myriad of simple features of InstantAccept plug-in includes:

  • Ease of accepting payment from various different modes, locations, devices and websites
  • Ease of record keeping without even needing to access QuickBooks
  • Ease of securing business, transaction, client and customer’s data
  • Ease of managing POS and storefront with single screen
  • Ease of getting rid of rekeying dealings

InstantAccept is adaptable to any present, past, and future merchandise requirements. It is not only suitable and compatible to QuickBooks, but it can also be used with other record keeping applications like NetSuite, Sage, etc. This ability comes along with the privilege of using a current credit card processor by any merchant. InstantAccept is compatible with various different programs and processors.

It is a plug-in that also keeps the business’s efficiency top-notch. With InstantAccept, credit cards payments can be received three to four days earlier than it used to take by QuickBooks’s Intuit merchant account. Thus, money can easily be applied anywhere, at anytime, without waiting. Instant Accept can be very useful for any retail business. Moreover, it only takes a few minutes to transfer to the InstantAccept system. So, your precious working hours will not be wasted.

Along with providing facility of payment processing, InstantAccept allows you to create new clients and records, open and send invoices via emails, create new jobs, create different receipts, etc.

You can do any type of privacy setting in your InstantAccept profile. You can control your employees business by making individual accounts and giving special rights to each of them. You can give your employees and team the privilege to edit or view customer details or to edit QuickBooks data and record. In short you can allow them anything you want and can also restrict them from anything confidential. Thus, your employees can open or close invoices, accept or reject payment, open and see receipts while keeping the data and record secured.

This outstanding, easy to use, and best-for-business plug-in is being used by the experienced industrial veterans. Their knowledge, experience, excellence, and promises to innovation enabled them to predict the new obstacles, challenges, opportunities, and solutions. InstantAccept derived from the effort of formulating payment and fraud deterrence solutions for the large financial institutions and world’s leading banks.

InstantAccept also has a very good customer care service to help all of its customers keep their businesses at running well. Keeping the customer’s record and data protected within a PCI acquiescent atmosphere is what InstantAccept has to offer.