Celebrating community, prosperity, and our 7th Birthday!

It’s our seventh birthday! We’re celebrating the opportunity to help our clients rest well at night knowing that their businesses’ cashflow is in good hands. Come join us on March 31st at Hobo's in Downtown Portland. This past year we successfully launched our new payroll service with three happy clients. Reach out to learn about our special pricing for sole proprietors and single member LLC’s or S-Corporations.

We’ve always believed that being grateful and showing gratitude is essential in building a solid, lasting business. Since it’s our birthday, and most businesses don't make it their 5th year, we figured we might as well list seven (7) things that we’re grateful for in our lives, one for each year we've been in business:

  1. Our customers, who do cool and awesome things with their time and effort.

  2. Our friends and family who support and love us when we’re not working away at getting you swiftly paid.

  3. The community that supports us on a day-to-day basis (who says business partners can’t also be friends?).

  4. The team at Swiftly Paid for making it possible for me to have reasonable work hours and a vacation now and again.

  5. SPRING! And SUN!

  6. The ever-evolving and exciting world of payment processing. It seems like only constantly moving targets keep my interest.

  7. This year there are many ways you can show your gratitude for others. If you’re inclined to support others, consider making a donation to the ACLU if you’re feeling additionally charitable: ACLU

So whether you’re celebrating the end of your week, taking a break from taxes, or switching professions, come by and say hello! Hor'dourves will be provided and, of course, don't forget your party hat!

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